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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome ICD 10 Code

A Close Look at Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is to foot what the carpal tunnel syndrome is to wrist. Excessive pressure applied to a nerve in the Tarsal Tunnel of the foot causes the Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. This is not a common occurrence, though, and thus is quite difficult to determine and diagnose. It might take your doctor several tests to determine that the pain in top of foot is actually tarsal tunnel syndrome, as it is a very rare condition. It can be quite painful and its most common symptom is numbness around the big toe area. Burning sensations are also part of Tarsal Tunnel syndrome symptoms. It is classified under the ICD 10 Code, more about which is given below.

ICD 10 Code for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome




ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases and is the official list of diseases and related health problems provided by the World Health Organization. It codes every symptom, disease, injury, signs, complaints, findings and circumstances every recorded. It has a number of revisions, since each day brings in the discovery of many new diseases and conditions, not to mention the numerous abnormal complaints that accompany these diseases. ICD 10 is the tenth revision of the list, and the thirteenth chapter, which contains the blocks M00 to M99, contains the code for Tarsal Tunnel syndrome, as part of the codes on connective tissue and musculoskeletal system related diseases. ICD 10 has about 16000 codes, to describe just about every condition that has ever been reported in the world. The reason why codes are used is that it is easy to identify symptoms by accessing the codes, and it can be used universally.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome ICD 10 Code

The Tarsal Tunnel syndrome is coded in ICD 10, and covers the pain that occurs in the Tarsal Tunnel located in the foot. The tarsal region is identified as the area where the tibial nerve of the foot runs, right behind the ankle. It goes on to the toes of the foot, and it encompasses the tarsal bones that are located in the Tarsal Tunnel region. Any pressure that is inflected on this nerve causes the Tarsal Tunnel syndrome, which results in a lot of pain in top of foot. The pressure that is applied on the tibial nerve can result from many causes. It could be swelling of the foot that closes in on nerve and presses it, or it could be an external injury on the foot that has put pressure on nerve. Doctors usually cannot find out the cause right away, as the Tarsal Tunnel syndrome is not something that you see often.

ICD 10 Code for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Health Insurance

While most health insurance policies do not cover the Tarsal Tunnel syndrome, it is really important that you find out from your health insurance provider if they cover it or not, especially if you do work that involved excessive usage of your feet. Treating the Tarsal Tunnel syndrome is not cheap, if the effect is severe. For the average case, the pressure can be eased by wearing soft shoes with lots of padding, which causes the nerve to relax and function normally. For extreme cases, however, surgery might be required to relax the nerve, which cannot be done by orthopedic means. This is usually done when there is a lot of pain foot, which has the patient in unbearable condition, thus requiring surgery.

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