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Curing Foot Arch Pain

Curing Foot Arch Pain

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Flat Footedness Arch Pain

Flat Footedness Arch Pain

Flat Footedness Arch Pain

Flat-foot individuals usually suffer both mild and chronic Arch Pain. A flat foot is the condition of complete or partial collapse of the foot arch. Such individuals are said not to have normal arch. Flat foot deformity usually affects either one or both feet. What is an arch? This is a gap between the ground and the inner side of the foot. To be flat footed, it’s either you have a low arch or you completely don’t have it.

Symptoms of flat foot

There are various symptoms that are associated with flat feet. In many adults, flat feet contribute a very disturbing pain that worsen with time. This is usually associated with overstretching of the foot tendons. Other individuals who are flat footed develop corns and hard skin especially at the sole of their feet. Due to overstretching of the tendons as the foot flattens, the arch area may become tender and painful to touch. When the condition worsens, the affected individual develops a serious knee, hip and back pains.

Causes of flat feet arch pain

A number of possible causes of flat feet arch pain have been documented. Individuals who suffer from this condition may be due to various conditions which include;

1. Developmental reasons
2. Hereditary reasons
3. Cerebral palsy or spina bifida causes
4. Due to ruptured tendons

Flat footedness can be genetically inherited from the parents to children and therefore it is essential to consider your family history if you have this condition. Flat footedness can also be caused by abnormal walking. This is a common condition that is caused by incorrect development of the foot. Other body defects such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy can result to flat-foot. In addition, rupturing of foot ligaments or tendons can contribute to this condition since the rupture of such tendons causes human gait dysfunction.

Flat footed arch pain treatment

Since flat footedness can cause a direct and severe arch pain, it is important to consider possible treatment. During such treatment, it is important to consult a physician. This is especially if you have corns which are secondary lesions as they can become infections as they ulcerate. The first and most efficient treatment method involve wearing of wider shoes that have quality insoles that reduce the pressure and pain around the arch. Traditionally used orthotics insoles made from various plastics materials have been faced out. Irrespective of orthotics insoles facilitating cupping of the heel and supporting the arch, they are not flexible and they do not extend throughout the entire foot length. This has made them to be ineffective and uncomfortable for most flat footed individuals. Furthermore, older style insoles are not also the best. This is because the older style insoles force the arch into the right position but unfortunately they do not ease the pressure that causes the arch to collapse. These are the reasons why better and more flexible insoles have been developed. The new brand of insoles support and provide stable treatment to flat footed patients. It is important to consult your doctor or podiatrist who will guide you on the right and more efficient insole that will be right for your unique situation. Reebok Real Flex Sneaker is recommended!

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Curing Foot Arch Pain

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