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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Relief – Frequently Asked Questions

The other name of the chronic disease of the posterior tibial

neuralgia is the tarsal tunnel syndrome. Ten tips and information on tarsal tunnel syndrome in the questions and answers format are as follows:

1. What is Tarsal Tunnel?

Ans. The Tarsal Tunnel is a hollow space present in the foot behind the medial malleous. Within this hollow space of the tarsal tunnel lie the posterior tibial artery, tendons of the tibialis posterior, and the tibial nerve.

2. What is Tarsal Tunnel syndrome?

Ans. The tarsal tunnel syndrome is a kind of nerve disorder occurs in the foot, ankle, and the toes region of the human beings.

3. What are complains of the patients facing tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Ans. Severe pain in the total area of the foot causing numbness is the top complaint.

4. What are the symptoms of the tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Some of the symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome are:
a. Swelling on feet.
b. Pain in ankle, toes, and feet.
c. Sensation like electric shocks.
d. Burning and tingling sensation in the lower portion of the legs.
e. Pain while operating automobiles.

5. How to diagnosis tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Ans. X-ray, MRI, and ultrasound are performed while diagnosing the disease in access of any kind of fracture, spaces in between the lesions, and ganglia respectively.

6. What are the causes behind tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Ans. Anything pressurizes the tarsal tunnel causes tarsal tunnel syndrome.

7. What is the treatment for tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Ans. The treatments suggested by numerous physicians for the disease includes:
a. Decompression surgery.
b. Steroid injections.
c. Local anesthetics.
d. Rest and ice.
e, Immobilization.

8. Are there any complication behind the surgery for tarsal tunnel syndrome? If so, what is it?

And. Yes, some problem may arise after the surgery of tarsal tunnel syndrome like plantar fasciitis, artery laceration, etc.

9. What is the clinical result after tarsal tunnel decompression?

Ans. The clinical result says the posterior tibial nerve is separated from the accompanying artery and veins and thus gives relief to the patient.

10. What are the healthy tips after surgery?

Ans. Some healthy tips for the patient passing through tarsal tunnel syndrome are:
a. Do not stress.
b. Stop smoking.
c. Consume less alcohol.
d. Perform gentle stretching exercises on foot as per the physicians indication.


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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Relief

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Relief - Frequently Asked Questions

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Relief – Frequently Asked Questions

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