Foot Pain Problems

Causes and Treatment of Arch Pain

Scientifically, arch pain is referred as the inflammation and burning sensation at the arch of the foot. How does this pain result? At the bottom of the foot near the arch area we have a broad band of fibrous tissue referred to as plantar fascia. Once this tissue become inflamed an arch pain results.

Causes of foot pain One most disruptive problem that you can have is having a foot pain. The troublesome pain causes reduced mobility and alters the feet ability to bear the weight of your entire body. Some of the possible causes of foot pain include;

1. Blisters and bunions

Foot Blister

Foot Blister

This is the most common causes of foot pain. Blisters usually develop after a continuous rubbing and irritation of the skin by ill-fitting shoes.

Remedies for solving blisters

Once the blisters develop it is important to treat them with lots of care to avoid infection. This is especially if they interfere with normal walking. Some of the possible ways of eliminating blisters include;

1. Wash and wipe the blisters with an antiseptic swap so as to remove any surface microorganism.
2. Using a sterilized needle pierce the blister. This isn’t painful as the surface skin is already dead.
3. Carefully press tiny fluid material out, wipe the area using an antiseptic and allow it to air dry.
4. Using a plaster, cover the area.

2. Corns

Another common cause of foot pain is the corn. This is hard painful lumps that appear on the skin surface due to continuous skin rubbing by tight shoes.

3. Issues of toenails

a. Black toenails: With repeated pressure, friction and impact on the toenail, it may blacken and become painful. This usually occurs as a result of running and skiing. During this time, the toe continuously and repeatedly keeps on banging at the end of the shoes causing bleeding under the nail. After the blood has clotted the nail turns black.
b. Thick toe nails: Here the nail becomes thicker than usual as a result of repeated trauma and injury to the toes. This causes a foot pain due to the extra shoe and nail pressure.
c. Swelling under the ball of the big toe: This result after the sesamoids bone under the ball of the big toe is bruised. Here you need to consult a doctor on the way forward before extreme damage occurs at the bone of the big toe.

4. Bunions

Once swelling occurs near the bone of the bigger toe and sticks to the side, the condition is



referred as bunions. The condition becomes a problem when the bunions become more tender and painful. The causes of this are too much weight and shoe pressure which causes overlapping of the big toe to the second one.

5. Hammertoes

This is a condition that occurs when the toes of your foot except the big toe are not correctly positioned. This condition can cause extreme pain to the top of the toes especially while running.

6. Neuroma

This is another common condition that is indicated by burning sensation between the toes. It is due to inflammation of the nerve endings coverings especially in the 3rd and 4th toes. The sensation experienced is like an electric tingling accompanied by numbness. This occurs mostly to individuals who have loose foot that has greater movement between the bones and metatarsals.

Arch pain treatment

A lot have been done to analyze some possible treatment of arch pain. Some of them which have been documented include avoiding of high heeled shoes that could subject the total body weight to the arch tendons and ligaments. Other possible treatment involves the use of high quality insoles in wider shoes. This is vital because the insoles facilitate reduction of pressure at the arch as it reduces the arch pain. Therefore, the best insole suitable for use in arch pain relief is that that offers maximum foot support and rectifies the body posture and arch developmental mechanisms. By use of such insoles in your shoes, one is able to prevent foot strain and injury. Furthermore, quality insoles prevent the feet from rolling inward. Inward rolling of feet causes the lower body weight to be out of alignment causing tendons overstretch. Most significantly is that these types of insoles cure the underlying arch pain and restore the natural arch into proper position.

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Foot Pain Problems

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