Causes and treatments for pain in heel of foot

Causes and treatments for pain in heel of foot

Foot arch pain is one of the most common foot diseases for the ageing human beings which main causes are due to overuse of plantar fascia or the arch tendon of the foot. Each of the human foot consists of 24 bones which forms one longitudinal arch and a transverse arch. Numerous fibrous tissues and ligaments hold these bones with each other. If any dispute happens in this structure, the foot arch pain happens.

pain in heel of foot

pain in heel of foot

The arches are the primary structures of the human feet which absorbs as well as return force from and to the body respectively when somebody is standing on his/her feet. Any kind of pressure of misallocation of the structure of the 24 bones of human feet causes the pain in the heel of the foot.

Causes of foot arch pain:

The top reasons of the foot arch pain are:

1. Injury: Injury in the plantar fascia is the most common cause of the foot arch pain. Any kind of damage in the tissues of the plantar fascia causes severe pain in the top of the foot.
2. Muscle strains and ligament sprains: Continuous stresses and pressurizes on the foot also causes temporary arch pain.
4. Loose joints: Lack of tightness of the joints also causes misallocation of the feet bones and hence causes arch pain.
5. Poor biomechanical alignment: Incorrect biomechanics happen due to the injured muscles and causes severe pain in the feet.

Treatment options for foot arch pain:

Foot arch pain is not a chronic disease and can be treatment by self-care. When you started noticing any kind of discomfort in your feet, immediately stop putting pressure on your feet and go for complete bed rest. Apply ice on the area of the pain and perform gently compression and elevation of your foot. This process will help to stop swelling of the damaged tissues and hence provides relief.

If your pain in the heel of the foot still continues, you must go for medical treatment. A number of machines have been introduced which helps in reducing the heel pain via manual therapies. Have proper medicines as per the indication of the physician.

Common exercises for foot arch pain:

Gentle compression and elevation are the most common exercises should be performed by the victim of foot arch pain.

One can also go for massage therapies; it will help in strengthening the swelling the muscles of your foot. Most importantly, skip your gym during this period.

How to prevent foot arch pain:

One can prevent themselves from the foot arch pain by following the following procedures:

1. Do not pressurize your feet by lifting heavy weights.
2. Wear soft and flat shoes. High heels are the primary cause of the misallocation of the foot bones.
3. Try to lessen your barefooted moments.

Foot arch pain surgery:

Surgery like planter fascia release could be performed while the treatment of foot arch pain but a number of complications arises after the surgery. The complications include total rupture of plantar fascia, infections, nerve injury, etc.
Therefore, one should always attempt the non-surgical medical treatments at first than the surgery.

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