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Foot Arch Pain Treatment Video

Foot Arch Pain Treatment

A lot has been done to analyze possible treatments of foot arch pain. Some of them which have been documented include avoiding of high heeled shoes that could subject the total body weight to the arch tendons and ligaments. Other possible treatment involves the use of high quality insoles in wider shoes. This is vital because the insoles facilitate reduction of pressure at the arch as it reduces the foot arch pain.

foot arch pain

foot arch pain

Therefore, the best insole suitable for use in arch pain relief is that that offers maximum foot support and rectifies the body posture and arch developmental mechanisms. By use of such insoles in your shoes, one is able to prevent foot strain and injury. Furthermore, quality insoles prevent the feet from rolling inward. Inward rolling of feet causes the lower body weight to be out of alignment causing tendons overstretch. Most significantly is that these types of insoles cure the underlying foot arch pain and restore the natural arch into proper position.

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How to Reduce Foot Pain

How to Reduce Foot Pain

A bone spur or metatarsals stress fractures are some of the common causes of top of the foot pain. What is a bone spur? On top of the foot we have an enlarged bone that appears like bumps. This is what is referred to as bone spur. Bone spur usually results after too much pressure especially due to wearing of too tight shoes that causes metatarsals stress.

Solution to bone spur

Large Size Shoes

Large Size Shoes

Giving your foot bone and muscles enough space is one of the best remedies that can ease top of foot pain. This can be done through wearing of large sized shoes that have enough room to put the pressure of the bone. Tying shoelaces too tight is not recommended as it built pressure to your foot. This is especially to athletes whose feet swells during running and the inbuilt pressure causes metatarsals stress fractures and as a result foot pain develops. For athletes, it is important for them to cut a piece of rubber foam a quarter thick. By placing this on top of their bone spur it will act as a pad cushion against pressure. Another remedy to bone spur pain is to keep your body weight under control. This will minimize the pressure at the feet and as a result reduce foot pain.

A bone spur on top of the bone reduces bone flexibility especially while walking. This may contribute a stiff big toe a condition referred to as hallux rigidus. This usually affects some adults between the age of 30 and 60 and it is not yet established why the condition does not affect other individuals. Some of the symptoms of hallux rigidus are noticed when one is an able to bend his or her toe up and down mostly while walking.

Bone spur treatment

Bone spur foot problem is easy to treat at early stages. Once the condition is allowed to appear on top of the foot it makes the situation more difficult to treat. Some of the possible treatment methods include;

1. Use of nonsurgical options

Nonsurgical options are useful for relieving pain on top of the foot. It usually employs relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. This drugs help to ease the pain and swelling. Use of ice packs is another suitable method that reduces inflammation, swelling and provides temporary relief. Non surgical methods only control the symptoms for short periods and therefore other measures are necessary.

2. Wearing wider sized shoes

Wearing wider sized shoes with enough room helps reduce the pressure. High heeled shoes should not be put on but shoes with stiff insole should be used as this help to reduce the pressure at the foot and toes. In addition, a contrast bath should be used once the bone spur develops. This usually involves putting your affected feet on cold water for five minutes followed by hot water for the same time to reduce inflammation and to allow smooth flow of blood to the affected area. Finally, surgical operation should be an alternative option if the condition becomes intolerable and severe.

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How to Reduce Foot Pain

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