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Pain in big toe?

Pain in big toe? how to get rid of gout!

Gout is a form of arthritis that is located in the joints, often with pain in big toe. Gout occurs when high levels of uric acid accumulate in the body. Accumulation typically occurs in the joints of the big toe, ankle and knee. The acid slowly forms crystals that over time result in severe, sharp pain to the affected site. Purines are substances found in cells as well as foods. When broken down, purines form uric acid in the body. A diet low in purines can help to decrease uric acid production in the body and decrease the severity and frequency of gout.

Pain in big toe? change your diet avoiding high purine foods!

Pain in big toe

Pain in big toe

Avoidance of High-purine Foods
Foods high in purines include anchovies, sardines, gravies, broth and bouillon, goose, duck, yeast, roe and organ meats such as kidney, brain and liver. These foods all contain high amounts of purines. If you have gout, avoid these foods on a daily basis.

Limited Intake of Moderate-purine Foods
Foods moderate in purines may be eaten one to two times per week. These foods include asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, peas, kidney beans, lima beans, ham, bacon, beef, veal, turkey, venison, calf tongue, mushrooms, oatmeal and wheat germ. When eaten, meats should be limited to 3-oz. portions. Shellfish and fish such as cod, halibut, salmon, snapper, trout and tuna should be limited.

how to get rid of gout? Allowable Low-purine Foods

Foods low in purine include eggs, nuts, peanut butter, low-fat cheese, ice cream, pudding, carrots, celery, cucumbers, fruit, white bread, pasta, white rice, soda, cake, fat and sugar. Low-purine foods may be eaten most days of the week.

Limited High-fat Foods

In the body, uric acid adheres to fat. Foods high in fat such as salad dressing, fried foods, avocados, full-fat dairy products and butter should be limited.

Pain in big toe? how to get rid of gout! – Hope this overview has helped please consult your doctor…

Pain in big toe? A high intake of fluids can help!

A high intake of fluids can help your body get rid of excess uric acid. Acceptable beverages include water, skim milk and fruit juices. Alcohol should be avoided.

Lose a tiny bit of belly?

Natural Remedies for Gout

Natural Remedies for Gout

Gout in Foot

Gout in Foot is a type of disorder caused by the accumulation of uric acid around the foot area. This type of disorder results in painful symptoms around the Foot. In return the patient develops problems when walking. The foot tissues are the ones affected by this type body disorder.
This type of disorder is more common among adults than in children. But in rare cases does it occur among children and young adults.

What is gout from?

Natural Remedies for GoutGout is a form of arthritis that affects the joints of an individual. It occurs due to the accumulation of uric acid around these joints. This results due to the inability of the body to eliminate successfully uric acid from the body system. It is the responsibility of the kidney to eliminate the poisonous uric acid from the body system.

Kidney failure can thus be attributed to the accumulation of uric acid in the body. This is eliminated together with the urine through the urethra. Another cause of accumulation can be as a result of excessive production of uric acid by the body. This makes the kidney to eliminate just a portion of the uric acid while leaving the rest to accumulate around the joints hence causing Gout in Foot.

How do you get gout?

In some cases, gout is known to be a hereditary type of disease. On the other hand you can acquire this disease due to the type of food you consume. This is due to the fact that gout involves the accumulation of uric acid around the joints and tissues. Gout in foot is one of the most disorders registered in many patients with gout.

Intake of food substances that result in the failure of the kidney to filter out an eliminate uric acid will result in gout. These foodstuffs are also responsible for the overproduction of uric acid in the body. This poisonous body waste when left to accumulate in the body it will cause the inflammation of the joints and hence gouts.

How to treat gout

Once gout has invaded your body, it is advisable to seek help from a doctor. The doctor will provide with an injection of corticosteroids drug. In the blood stream, this type of drug will relieve the pain while you experience lesser symptoms of the disease.

Gout in Foot can best be treated when detected early enough. This will help the drug to function effectively in getting rid of the major symptoms of the disease. In the end you will start experiencing a change of recovery within a period of about 24 hours.

Natural remedies for gout

Gout is a disorder that can be easily managed by patients who suffer from it. This is achieved through watching what you eat. This means that you should avoid inorganic foods that are not easily processed by the body. In that case, adopt the intake of organic foods that will keep your body healthy throughout. Intake of fresh clean water in large quantities will also help greatly.
Regular exercises will also aid in the elimination of uric acid in the body tissues. This is due to the fact that exercises will increase the metabolic reaction of the body hence toxic waste from the body system will be eliminated through the skin and urethra. In that case, you will; be able to eliminate Gout in Foot even in the near future.

Foods to avoid with gout

It is clear that some categories of foods are not healthy especially when you are diagnosed with gout. They include foods rich in purines like animal foods. This is due to the fact that when these types of foods are broken down into a soluble form, they produce uric acid.

In that case your Gout in Foot situation will worsen one you consume these types of foods. This goes also for individuals not suffering from gout. However, they only need to cut back on the intake of these types of foods.

How to prevent gout

The doctor can recommend some medications that will help eliminate the build up of uric acid in your body system in future. This will keep away the build up of uric acid around the joint area and tissues.

Gout in Foot is worse for overweight individuals as the body pressure is exerted around the joints. In that case, one should control their weight by what they eat. Frequent exercises have also been proven as the best way to manage your body weight.

This will help control and prevent the gout.


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Pain on Top of Foot

Pain on Top of Foot

Pain in the top of foot

Pain in the top of foot

The feet are very vital components of the human body without which life would be very difficult. There are many conditions that affect the foot; some are extremely painful and debilitating while others are mild. When it comes to foot conditions, one of the most common symptoms is pain on top of foot.

What is pain on top of foot?

Pain on top of foot simply refers to the pain that one feels on the upper part of the foot. Usually when a person walks, the foot is curved upwards; this in fact is what allows the leg and consequently the entire body to move. It therefore follows that if there is pain on top of the foot, walking might be rendered difficult and painful.

The ease or difficulty with which one can walk will depend on the severity of the condition. As mentioned if the pain is felt on the upper side of the foot, this means that the problem can either affect the tendons, the bones or the surrounding nerves.

Causes of pain on top of foot

The next important issue to look into is the cause of this particular condition. Pain on top of foot is not caused by a single ailment, in fact there are a plethora of causes with one of the most common being tendonitis. Again tendonitis has quite a number of causes including tight calf muscles and overusing the tendons located on top of the foot. In addition to causing pain, tendonitis may also cause swollen feet and ankles.

Fractures are also responsible for pain on top of the foot. Fractures are caused by trauma to the bones located on the top side of the foot. This could be as a result of a heavy object falling on the foot or being hit by a solid object among others. Another common cause of this kind of pain is tarsal tunnel syndrome – a condition where the posterior tibial nerve becomes entrapped. Tarsal tunnel syndrome can also cause numbness and a tingling sensation. Other causes of pain on top of foot include arthritis, improper footwear, sports injuries, ingrown toe nail and Morton’s Neuroma (nerve thickening).

Treatment options for pain on top of foot

So how exactly can a person deal with this particular condition? In order to effectively treat pain on top of foot, one must first understand the root causes, most of which have been mentioned above. The first thing one can do before seeking medical attention is taking pain killers; this should however be done moderately.

Treatment options for pain on top of foot

Treatment options for pain on top of foot

Pain caused by fractures can be treated by resting the foot until it completely heals. Crutches might also be necessary when moving from one place to another. If the foot and ankle are swollen, an ice pack might prove effective in relieving pain. For tarsal tunnel syndrome, a cortisone injection might be given so as to provide relief to the affected nerve and surrounding tissue.

Common exercises for pain on top of foot

Medication is not the only way of dealing with pain on top of foot; there are exercises that can also help bring healing. A common work out is the heel raise which can be done when seated or standing. The idea here is to raise the legs repeatedly so as to work out the calf muscles and consequently strengthen them.
Moderate aerobic exercises are also recommended in order to disperse pain. A few examples of such include: running on the treadmill, ascending a flight of stairs and jogging on the spot.

How to prevent pain on top of foot

Women can reduce their chances of suffering from pain on top of foot by significantly reducing the frequency with which they wear high-heel shoes. Doing so will also save them from chronic heel pain. Exercise is good but it should not be over-done as this can cause undue strain on the tendons.

Nails should be evenly trimmed to prevent the ingrown nail problem. When buying footwear, it is important to ensure that they fit comfortably and that they are used for the purpose they are meant for.

Pain on top of foot surgery

There are cases where surgery might be required in order to treat pain on top of foot. A good example is a case where one is suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome. The aim of surgery here will be to locate and release the entrapped nerve.

Pain on top of foot surgery

Pain on top of foot surgery

Surgery may also be required if a tumor is the cause of the problem. Generally surgery is used as a last resort and in severe cases. One should therefore proceed with the same only if the doctor recommends it and not as a preference.

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Relief


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Curing Foot Arch Pain

Curing Foot Arch Pain

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Flat Footedness Arch Pain

Flat Footedness Arch Pain

Flat Footedness Arch Pain

Flat-foot individuals usually suffer both mild and chronic Arch Pain. A flat foot is the condition of complete or partial collapse of the foot arch. Such individuals are said not to have normal arch. Flat foot deformity usually affects either one or both feet. What is an arch? This is a gap between the ground and the inner side of the foot. To be flat footed, it’s either you have a low arch or you completely don’t have it.

Symptoms of flat foot

There are various symptoms that are associated with flat feet. In many adults, flat feet contribute a very disturbing pain that worsen with time. This is usually associated with overstretching of the foot tendons. Other individuals who are flat footed develop corns and hard skin especially at the sole of their feet. Due to overstretching of the tendons as the foot flattens, the arch area may become tender and painful to touch. When the condition worsens, the affected individual develops a serious knee, hip and back pains.

Causes of flat feet arch pain

A number of possible causes of flat feet arch pain have been documented. Individuals who suffer from this condition may be due to various conditions which include;

1. Developmental reasons
2. Hereditary reasons
3. Cerebral palsy or spina bifida causes
4. Due to ruptured tendons

Flat footedness can be genetically inherited from the parents to children and therefore it is essential to consider your family history if you have this condition. Flat footedness can also be caused by abnormal walking. This is a common condition that is caused by incorrect development of the foot. Other body defects such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy can result to flat-foot. In addition, rupturing of foot ligaments or tendons can contribute to this condition since the rupture of such tendons causes human gait dysfunction.

Flat footed arch pain treatment

Since flat footedness can cause a direct and severe arch pain, it is important to consider possible treatment. During such treatment, it is important to consult a physician. This is especially if you have corns which are secondary lesions as they can become infections as they ulcerate. The first and most efficient treatment method involve wearing of wider shoes that have quality insoles that reduce the pressure and pain around the arch. Traditionally used orthotics insoles made from various plastics materials have been faced out. Irrespective of orthotics insoles facilitating cupping of the heel and supporting the arch, they are not flexible and they do not extend throughout the entire foot length. This has made them to be ineffective and uncomfortable for most flat footed individuals. Furthermore, older style insoles are not also the best. This is because the older style insoles force the arch into the right position but unfortunately they do not ease the pressure that causes the arch to collapse. These are the reasons why better and more flexible insoles have been developed. The new brand of insoles support and provide stable treatment to flat footed patients. It is important to consult your doctor or podiatrist who will guide you on the right and more efficient insole that will be right for your unique situation. Reebok Real Flex Sneaker is recommended!

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Curing Foot Arch Pain

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Relief


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