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Important facts about foot arch pain

Important facts about foot arch pain

What is foot arch pain?

foot arch pain

foot arch pain

Actually foot arch pain is pain experienced in the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and nerves all these parts are interconnected to the foot bottom pain in them leads to foot arch pain. The term referring to foot arch pain medically is plantar pain. The interconnected parts named above can get injured leading to generation of pain which usually lasts for a short while in the arch. Foot arch pain although lasts for a short time after generation it can gradually worsen if not treated. Foot arch pain is highly susceptible in people aging between 30-80 years, athletes and high impact sportsmen.

Common foot arch pain Symptoms

  • You experience a burning sensation mostly in the arch
  • Becoming difficult for you to stand on the tiptoes
  • Inflammation in the foot
  • Increasing pain after you rest or sleep.
  • Redness of the foot
  • Great localized pain around the ball of the foot
  • Sharp and shooting pain around the toes
  • Increasing pain when flexing the toes
  • Aching of the foot
  • Increased pain while walking barefoot
  • More pain when walking on surfaces that are hard.
  • Increasing pain while resting your weight on the foot, especially when standing
  • Formation of skin lesions around the foot

Causes of foot arch pains

  • There are various causes of foot arch pain they include,
  • Plantar fasciitis, a condition where by tissues running from the heel and connecting foot and toes become inflamed due to excessive stress accumulation. This inflammation generates a lot of pain to the foot.
  • Spending a lot of time standing can lead to foot arch pain.
  • Increased activities while standing, like playing or being involved in a sporting activity that needs continuous working of the feet.
  • Foot deformity like hammertoe can cause foot arch pain
  • Medical conditions such as obesity and diabetes can increase stress in the foot causing foot arch pain
  • Type of footwear, poorly designed foot wear not supporting all your weight can lead to foot arch pain.

Diagnostic of foot arch pain

Podiatrist while diagnosing will feel your foot using fingers and search for bruises or stones in the ball of the foot.
X-rays can be used to see if there are any hammertoes leading to foot arch pain
MRI and CT scan can be used to eliminate the doubt of fractures for causing the pain
The doctor during diagnostic will enquire about your daily activity that can help in deducing possibility of foot arch pain.

Foot arch pain treatment

RICE method, which is an abbreviation for, R-rest, I-ice, C-compression, E-elevation, this is a simple method where the foot is rested, iced for about 15 min, compressing using a piece of bandage, and finally elevating the foot to a position above the heart.
Using pain killers and anti-inflammatory in treating the pain from the bottom of the foot. For severe cases steroid injections are administered to help reduce swelling.

Exercises that can help in relieving foot arch pain

Plantar Fascia Stretch,It is done by sitting and crossing the legs with the affected foot on top. Pull the affected toes towards you direction for about 10 seconds repeatedly for about twenty time.
Foot flexing; Flex the affected foot while getting out of bed for about 20 times.
Rolling stretch, it is done on the affected foot using a tennis ball.

Foot arch pain surgery

Surgical procedure is sought after all the other treatments have failed, a surgeon will cut and repair the tendons and any faulty part in the foot.

Prevention for foot arch pain

Be doing simple stretches on daily basis
Incase you are a sportsman wear appropriate shoes.
Avoid excessive body weight.
Rest the feet while elevating them above your heart position.
Be changing your daily activity.

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