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Gout in Foot

All You Need To Know To Prevent And Treat Gout

What Is Gout From?

It is important to know the cause before you learn how to treat gout. Gout occurs when there is a build up of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is waste formed during after the oxidation of purines. Under normal circumstances, uric acid is removed from the body in urine. Whenever there is too much uric acid in the body, the excess uric aid usually precipitates in the cooler parts of the body.

natural remedies for goutThe parts that are usually affected include the feet, the hands and the joints. Gout in the foot is among the first symptoms seen in people suffering from gout. The crystals of uric aid may also build up under the skin leading to the formation of lumps commonly known as the kidney stones.

How Do You Get Gout?

You get gout when you engage in things that can encourage the build up of uric acid in the body. Any factor that leads to build up of uric aid in the body leads to a gout in foot or in any other body parts.

High intake of beer, red meat, yeast, processed foods and oily fish can lead to gout. Lack of exercise can also lead to gout attack in joints. People living a high stress life are also highly susceptible to gout.

How To Treat Gout

Gout episodes are very painful. Gout treatment must start by eliminating all the factors that can lead to or worsen it. The consumption of alcohol, red meat, yeast, processed foods and oily fish must be stopped. Gout patients must also try to minimize their levels of stress and exercise as much as possible.

This should then be followed by medication or remedies that will help one be cured from gout. These will help eliminate all the symptoms of gout in foot or any other parts of your body.

The Natural Remedies For Gout

You should start treating this condition as soon as you notice the first symptoms (such as gout in feet). A bunch of natural remedies can be used to treat gout. They include;

#1. Vegetable juices. They are very effective in the treatment of gout. Therefore, take a couple of glasses every day to treat gout.

#2.Water. Take plenty of water every day to keep your body properly hydrated. This will help a lot in preventing further build up of uric acid in your blood stream.

#3. Ice packs. Apply cold ice packs on the swollen joints, feet and hands to reduce inflammation.

#4. Eat Cherries. Cherries are very popular for the treatment of gout. If possible, take over twenty cherries each day until all the symptoms of gout disappear.

#5. Apples. Make sure that you take an apple after every meal. Malic acid present in apples helps to neutralize uric acid. Hence, by taking plenty of apples, you reduce the levels of uric aid in your body.

#6. Lime. The citric acid in lime helps to neutralize uric aid. Lime also contains vitamin C which helps to strengthen the joints that have been attacked by gout.

#7. French beans. Take a glass of French bean juice daily until the gout disappears.

#8.Banana. Banana is also a common remedy used to treat gout in foot. Take e bananas for 4 days after you notice the symptoms of gout.

Foods To Avoid With Gout

If you are victim of gout, there are some kinds of food that must be avoided at all cost. Coffee tea and other caffeinated drinks should be avoided. Acid producing food such as fish, meat, sugar and processed foods must also be avoided. Stick to well balanced diet that is comprised of natural foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

How To Prevent Gout

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to prevent gout. Gout is categorized among the modern diseases. This is because it is more common today than it used to be a few decades ago. Why is this?

This is attributed to the unhealthy lifestyles that people live. There are lots of processed foods in every household today. Beverages high in caffeine are peoples favorites. Sadly, most people are not aware that it is their lifestyles that make them sick. All you have to do to keep yourself free from gout in foot or any other part of your body is eat a well balanced diet, avoid stress and excise everyday.

written by: Billy Kings

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Pain on Top of Foot – What you Need to Know

Numbness and Pain on Top of Foot – What you Need to Know

Pain on Top of Foot

Pain on Top of Foot

When pain on the foot occurs, it usually causes walking to be painfully unbearable and is often a great frustration for a lot of people. This pain is very common especially for people who do heavy duties. Most of them would say it’s annoying at times even though they try to neglect the pain. The very first step to successful treatment and to be able to get back to your normal routine is to get to know the underlying cause of foot pain. The feet are considered to be a delicate structure, but they carry the whole weight of the body as well as keep it balanced constantly. Professional consultation if you have a stress fracture in foot.

What is Pain on Top of Foot?

Pain on top of foot is a general term that is utilized by patients to describe the pain or numbness felt on the top surface of the foot. This is also a common injury among sports-minded people especially the runners. Usually, it is a sharp pain that is felt around the second metatarsal which can be found in line with the second toe or can be around either on the third or fourth metatarsal. This could be the result of a stress fracture in foot

Causes of Numbness and Pain on Top of Foot

The primary cause of pain on top of foot is excessive pronation or in other words, the turning inward of the foot. Though there are some pronations that occur naturally and needed as it aids the foot to be able to adapt to uneven ground conditions. Over pronation happens when the arch flattens and collapses while on the other hand the soft tissues stretch. Due to this, the joints will become too flexible and loose risking stress fracture in foot, when in fact they should be stable all the time.

Other causes include tendonitis, stress fracture, plantar fasciitis, neuroma, tarsal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Tendonitis happens when the tendons become inflamed for a variety of reasons. Stress fracture when a fracture of a bone is due to repeated mechanical stress. Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia while Neuroma is a tumor or growth of the nerve tissues. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a type of nerve entrapment and treatment of this usually starts with identifying the underlying cause which can be swollen feet and ankles. Lastly, Arthritis is a painful stiffness and inflammation of the joints.

Treatment Options for Pain on Top of Foot

Pain on Top of Foot

Pain on Top of Foot

Basically, there are a number of things that you can do in order to treat the pain on top of foot. Your very first step should be consulting a foot specialist or a podiatrist. Remember that treatment should always be based on the cause, as well as the severity of the pain. Most food doctors would often make use of the RICE method in order to relieve the pain. RICE stands for Rest, Ice which is applied for about 20 minutes on the affected area, Compression and Elevation.

Other treatment options may include over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin, Tylenol, naproxen and ibuprofen to lower pain and discomfort, shoe inserts, switching foot wear, limiting daily activities, make use of strapping or paddings and for more serious cases, for example a stress fracture in foot, may require going undergoing surgery.

Common Exercises for Pain on Top of Foot

You can do a variety of exercise to relieve from numbness in feet and pain on top of foot and trade your days of running for cycling, swimming and yoga. A thorough calf stretching regimen is also recommended to reduce its effects of flattening the foot. Also, keep up the circulation in your feet by stretching them out for a few times every day. No exercise should be taken without professional consultation if you have a stress fracture in foot.

How to Prevent Pain on Top of Foot

You can be able to lessen your chances of occurring pain on top of foot by implementing a little change into your training program. Start by avoiding doing the same exercise every day and instead incorporate a much lower intensity cross-training exercises in order to lessen the impact stress done to the feet.

It is also important to take into consideration your foot type; if ever you over pronate, make sure to use proper footwear. When thinking of increasing the load or tempo of a certain training plan, do it much slowly as well as maintain the sessions short in duration. Lastly, cut down on the sizes of your heels. If the heels are too high, though the style is great, your feet will just suffer from heel pain and numbness in feet afterward.

Pain on Top of Foot Surgery

Pain on top of foot can also be managed by going through surgery like in cases of severe tendonitis and stress fractures. Furthermore, rest assured that there are supportive techniques like splinting and casting after surgery is done. However, the most vital thing to do before anything else is to consult a doctor and obtain an accurate diagnosis.

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Numbness, Stress Fracture and Pain on Top of Foot – What you Need to Know

written by: honeycamille

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Relief


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Natural Remedies for Gout

Natural Remedies for Gout

Gout in Foot

Gout in Foot is a type of disorder caused by the accumulation of uric acid around the foot area. This type of disorder results in painful symptoms around the Foot. In return the patient develops problems when walking. The foot tissues are the ones affected by this type body disorder.
This type of disorder is more common among adults than in children. But in rare cases does it occur among children and young adults.

What is gout from?

Natural Remedies for GoutGout is a form of arthritis that affects the joints of an individual. It occurs due to the accumulation of uric acid around these joints. This results due to the inability of the body to eliminate successfully uric acid from the body system. It is the responsibility of the kidney to eliminate the poisonous uric acid from the body system.

Kidney failure can thus be attributed to the accumulation of uric acid in the body. This is eliminated together with the urine through the urethra. Another cause of accumulation can be as a result of excessive production of uric acid by the body. This makes the kidney to eliminate just a portion of the uric acid while leaving the rest to accumulate around the joints hence causing Gout in Foot.

How do you get gout?

In some cases, gout is known to be a hereditary type of disease. On the other hand you can acquire this disease due to the type of food you consume. This is due to the fact that gout involves the accumulation of uric acid around the joints and tissues. Gout in foot is one of the most disorders registered in many patients with gout.

Intake of food substances that result in the failure of the kidney to filter out an eliminate uric acid will result in gout. These foodstuffs are also responsible for the overproduction of uric acid in the body. This poisonous body waste when left to accumulate in the body it will cause the inflammation of the joints and hence gouts.

How to treat gout

Once gout has invaded your body, it is advisable to seek help from a doctor. The doctor will provide with an injection of corticosteroids drug. In the blood stream, this type of drug will relieve the pain while you experience lesser symptoms of the disease.

Gout in Foot can best be treated when detected early enough. This will help the drug to function effectively in getting rid of the major symptoms of the disease. In the end you will start experiencing a change of recovery within a period of about 24 hours.

Natural remedies for gout

Gout is a disorder that can be easily managed by patients who suffer from it. This is achieved through watching what you eat. This means that you should avoid inorganic foods that are not easily processed by the body. In that case, adopt the intake of organic foods that will keep your body healthy throughout. Intake of fresh clean water in large quantities will also help greatly.
Regular exercises will also aid in the elimination of uric acid in the body tissues. This is due to the fact that exercises will increase the metabolic reaction of the body hence toxic waste from the body system will be eliminated through the skin and urethra. In that case, you will; be able to eliminate Gout in Foot even in the near future.

Foods to avoid with gout

It is clear that some categories of foods are not healthy especially when you are diagnosed with gout. They include foods rich in purines like animal foods. This is due to the fact that when these types of foods are broken down into a soluble form, they produce uric acid.

In that case your Gout in Foot situation will worsen one you consume these types of foods. This goes also for individuals not suffering from gout. However, they only need to cut back on the intake of these types of foods.

How to prevent gout

The doctor can recommend some medications that will help eliminate the build up of uric acid in your body system in future. This will keep away the build up of uric acid around the joint area and tissues.

Gout in Foot is worse for overweight individuals as the body pressure is exerted around the joints. In that case, one should control their weight by what they eat. Frequent exercises have also been proven as the best way to manage your body weight.

This will help control and prevent the gout.


written by: heminjie2